Yep, its Zimbabwe

It’s a new day and there is much of Zimbabwe to be explored! So we stick Andy in the back seat. Clearly, he was feeling loads better…

Andy - ready to face the in hand

and make our way to Matobo Game Park. The book boasts of leopards and rare eagles, so much to see! An hour into the ride and well, we have an ant infestation in the car. Levi starts swerving as the ants are foraging into his shoes. Loads of numerous ant killing methods (who knew that spray deodorant could be useful in many ways?) and yes, we are off on a safari! Woo hoo!

We went through grass!

We went through water!

An all day driving affair – and my muscles were clenched the ENTIRE time (what can I say but I get stressed when it comes to off-roading, every scrape and major bump I feel to my very being – not to mention I have no faith in Levi’s vehicle. In Levi, yes, his vehicle, bought from Indians? no).

One ruptured tire, and a lost front registration plate, and our total of animals? Some lizards, a couple of warthogs, a family of baboons and two giraffe. Not a leopard, or even an impala in sight. Nada. After speaking with a few people, it sounds as if in the last few years it is likely that the animals have been poached. I guess poverty and starvation mixed with corruption makes animal rights fall to the wayside.

But we’re on holiday! Who needs to see animals? Honestly, Zim is gorgeous. Lots of rocks and grass! I think we ended up with more grass stuck in various places in around the car than exists in all of Botswana. We camped near a dam, and after raining all night, it was a relief to experience the warm sun as it rose over the rocky hill, reflecting on the water. Simply beautiful, so really all was not lost.

Camping is cold...

Naturally, we had to stop in Bulawayo for some shopping. Mid way through, Andy ends of locking the keys in the boot… and so begins the two-hour escapade as every man on the street tries his hand at opening the door.

In essence, we are stuck in Zim, with the keys in the boot. Reactions? Andy continues to shop, Levi can't stop laughing, and me? I cursed (just a little) and started taking pictures.

Apparently "they had never done this before"

So all in all it was a good trip. I learned a lot. Like…  it really is as beautiful as they say, bribing government employees isn’t just for when you are being illegal – it’s for “the everyday”, all you need is a wire and pliers to open a Honda CRV- oh and maybe that man from Kasane, though mosquito spray may not be essential – After Bite is, and finally – as if life wasn’t adventurous enough: it’s better to try to not buy petrol in Zimbabwe rather live life on the wild-side and wait until Botswana (just as long as I’m not the one to hitch my way to the filling station)

petrol? who needs a full tank of petrol, bah!



    • Sheila

      Stop it. That is a mental image I NEVER wanted to have to experience again. Shockingly enough, the guy that helped this time was definately of the same physique, but praise the Lord, he had on clothes – sure it was short shorts and a wee t-shirt, but clothes, nonetheless.

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