And we made our way from Bots to Zim

So it was off to Zimbabwe we went. Levi and Andy picked me up on Good Friday for our grand adventure. We decided to head to Bulawayo. Why? Honestly, I have no idea. Levi and Andy asked if I wanted to go on a trip with them and I said sure! Andy was going to tell me details – but honestly where is the fun in that? Am I right?

Here’s the thing… the drive between Bots and Zim is a long but decent trek, our only challenge? That everyone else had the same idea of heading to Zim.  Also, we stopped at a filling station, and Andy ate chicken.

who needs a trailer?

We got to the border crossing… and so the theme of the trip begins.

The queue on just the Bots side was hectic to say the least. After an hour, I went and left the boys to queue up themselves… when I start to get less Christ-like and more Sheila-like when responding to queue jumpers, then that is my cue (though my wit ever intact) to go and take a people watching sit.

Passports stamped, vehicle documents in place, we make our way to the Zim side. Naturally, it is even more hectic.

We had a bet going to see who would have the most expensive visa getting into Zim. All of our American counterparts have paid thirty US dollars. Our theory? That Andy, being a Brit, would be worst off, afterall Mugabe hates the British and many have blamed them for everything, and Levi, well, the Germans are blamed for two world wars, and me, a Canadian – heck, I should practically be free!

Alas, that was not the case, Germans: 30 US dollars, British: 55 US dollars, and Canadians? SEVENTY FIVE US DOLLARS. I kid you not. I tried to bargain my way through, but to no avail. My shock aside we made it through with all of our paperwork (after some bribery and shady dealings) after three hours of waiting.

More driving, and we find a vacant backpackers. Yay! It is considerably more expensive than the book says (which is three years old). Boo. Needless to say, we were only supposed to spend one night before moving on. Supposed to.

Remember that chicken Andy ate? Oh yeah, after a night of a running stomach (I think that sounds so much nicer than diarrhea, don’t you?) Levi and I were off to find a pharmacy and a new plan.

that about sums it up

Andy now got to spend a day in bed, while we saw the Khami Ruins, which also was near a dam! I have to mention that Zimbabwe feels like a shell of former glory. The tourist sites were in disrepair, empty, and expensive. But Levi and I made the most of the situation, and even had a lovely nap on a stone bench (yes, this might have been my highlight). But we were making holiday, no matter where we found ourselves.

"Levi, no its not ruined, they're RUINS"

I was so excited to see water! WATER! Look at all the water!

Most shocking? I have more stories.


  1. Karen

    I need to hear more stories…your Good Friday holiday sounds a whole lot more exciting and adventurous than my whole last month! All I have been doing is sleeping, eating and feeding a baby! I live vicariously through you!

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