Breathing in Christ’s love

I took a deep breath of country air as we started our way out of Gabs. I love the city, am a city dweller all the way, but chaos reigns in Gaborone and ones soul longs for peace. The desert countryside with its thorn trees and the occasional rocky hill have a calming beauty that sweeps the cares of my hectic life away. Each kilometre out is like another chance to exhale the chaos.

I am in an orientation group of 11 individuals who have arrived to Flying Mission in the last six months, and we were making our way to see Heidi in Kumakwane. As we drove into Heidi’s yard, boys playing futbol stopped and immediately opened the gate for the caravan of vehicles invading their field of sand. We wave, shout Dumela! out our car windows, and the futballers resume their efforts.

Heidi has been in Botswana for many years as a missionary. Her sweet spirit and as she simply put it God, has brought her to minister to children in Kumakwane. She brought us juice and homemade cookies, as kids are playing all around us, and we sat under shade netting on plastic chairs as she told us her story of how God has brought her here to Botswana.

Heidi opens her home to the children after school, and is now feeding and providing a safe place to 40-60 children per day. Donated playground equipment and the noises of happy children surround us. She is a light to kids who are in very dark situations – most experience neglect and alcohol abuse at home.

Her story is one of bravery and hope, and through the challenges (and there are many) she remains steadfast in her love of God and her love for the children that God has placed upon her heart.

Once Heidi finished her story everyone broke apart and started playing with the kids. I sat and watched for a bit, just needing a moment to soak it all in.

Heidi’s entire existence is trusting in God, for the food she gives her children, to her support based finances, to every detail in her life. I am so humbled by her example of a godly woman who is passionately seeking to serve her Lord and Saviour. These children are her world, and her theirs.

I can only pray that my life would reflect God’s glory and like Heidi’s example, share Christ’s love through her every pore.


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