I am bilingual… you didn’t know?

Have you ever had an at length discussion about Starbucks before? Well I just did. And when two people who haven’t had Starbucks in a long time start discussing what used to be, well, it was almost like another language. And I liked it.

as close to Starbucks as I get, sipping filter coffee whilst peering at a Starbucks logo

And to continue the conversation: My favourite drink – a triple grande skinny vanilla latte. What’s yours?



  1. Andrea Bohun

    A non-fat, extra hot, no water, extra pump tazo chai. Yummmm. Hope you are well my friend! Been praying for you and your family. Miss you dearly

  2. Sheila

    nice! Well, I can honestly say you won’t get any of that here…
    Thank you SO much for your prayers. I appreciate you! And miss you too!! Eish! Soon we will see eachother again, and your tazo chai? It’s on me 😉

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