Ode to Edie

At a time when being out of country is incredibly challenging, I am reminded of how much I love my family, and am praying so hard for my mother right now. All I want is to talk about my mom – Edie (or to really annoy her I like to say Edith with a lisp at the end – try it, she’ll love you forever, I promise).

Mother and Me

I think my mother is one of the greatest women.

I joke all the time about how undomesticated she is – but once she retired, I got the most attentive stay at home mom a girl could ever want, and really at like 20 years old that is way better than any other age. By then it wasn’t baking cupcakes for school but helping me with work potlucks, where I got all the credit (my secret is out). Her butterscotch buns live on.

She has been my personal shopper even when a) I freak out when she shows me the wrong blouse to try b) I freak out when she shows me the perfect blouse to try and I love it and yes, it is way over my price limit, but she was no longer paying, so money is therefore no object.

She has helped me through so many binds, and listened to my whines, and cries, without throttling me (yet!). She has encouraged me to live my dreams, even when they seemed more harebrained schemes – and quite frankly have cost my parents loads of money. She did more than should ever be expected to get me here in Africa. She even was around when I had my one and only panic attack right before I moved. Sure, she had no idea what to do, but she was there, and that is what matters the most.

What I love most about her is that we can joke and talk about the important things of life – like when she gets old and has to downsize (i.e. we put her in a home), I will get the crystal candlesticks I have always coveted (Karen and Alanna – it is now in writing, good luck getting them now).

One of my favourite moments: when she ate a (yes just ONE) chocolate covered coffee bean from the shop Ten Thousand Villages (free samples!) and on the drive home in the back seat she was singing Feliz Navidad at the top of her lungs and swaying. Good news: it was Christmas. Bad News: we experienced what “drunk Edie” would look like. Good news: mom doesn’t drink, so this was as worse as it could ever get. Bad news: I gave her more chocolate covered coffee beans in her stocking for Christmas.

What else is there to say? Other than that I could give so many examples of why my mother is so great – and really who I have modelled myself after – and like her I have very distinct eyebrows, I write no nonsense emails, I can be extremely ditzy at the most inopportune times, and am becoming a strong Godly woman.



  1. Bev Krul

    What a beautiful tribute to your Mom! I’m sure she blushed when she read it. I am thinking of her this weekend as well. I trust all is going good for her.

  2. Sheila

    such exciting news about her seemingly great recovery from surgery. your support and prayers have been so critical. I praise God for how He has kept her.

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