I heart Botswana

When you visit me in Botswana here are a few things to look forward to…

time is not measured in minutes, but in phrases like “just now” – in an hour or maybe even a day or the sooner “now now

walking slow is not just the norm but expected

slurping or smacking while eating is more than okay (sometimes a fresh mango on a hot day needs to be enjoyed through lots of noisy smacking of the mouth)

Fanta pineapple is in abundance

jaywalking is not illegal

my small amount of Setswana, “Dumuela Mma/Ra, Le Ke? (Greetings Lady/Man, How are you?), will make a tuck shop owner/cashier/random person on the street smile and respond with a hint of shock

the thunderstorms are tremendous

thin women are considered crazy – therefore I am as normal as one can get

dough can be enjoyed in many forms: magwenya (fried – dubbed as fat cakes, like a dense donut without the hole) or my favourite: madombe (steamed – a dumpling)

there is always room for one more in the combis

and finally I know friends who have a pool

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