Landlocked – not as glamorous as it sounds

I love the beach. I felt so refreshed from my time in Durban and was ready to conquer anything that came my way. I came home to, well, a lot of work, and I guess I overestimated my eagerness.

And now two days later, I have cleaned houses, coordinated like crazy, moved to a new place, my roommate’s stuff has moved (note to self: text her to let her know to come home to a different house), and two more families have clean and stocked places to stay. Thankfully, I won’t even pretend to have mastered that list of my accord. Oh and have I mentioned the gift of a constant headache and a desperate need for a chiropractor? Meanwhile, I rest assured that one day I will get to my 50 unread messages…

I had wished my vacation would conjure up mass feelings of jealousy, and now, and now – all I want is your pity.

Oh beach how I long for thee! I long for my feet sinking into the sand  as I meander on the beach (okay, the sand was really, really hot, so less meander and more hopping), and swimming in the ocean was surreal (the jellyfish stings were a little painful I’ll admit), and well it did drizzle my last day in Durban (my burnt flesh appreciated the reprieve I am sure).

To sum it all up – I have decided that Flying Mission needs their head office situated on the coast of Mozambique.

I think I could deal with anything better sitting on the beach. You get the best (okay, and maybe the worst) of both worlds!

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