Follow the Rainbow

I am on the coast in South Africa for a lovely holiday and it is surprising how different South Africa and Botswana feel.

We went to an area on New Years where not too many white people go.  South Africa still seems very segregated by race –  not as much a what it was 20 years ago as I imagine- but there is still that feeling of interracial tension in areas. We ended up going to a place where the two Germans I were quite possibly the only white people around in a very sketchy neighbourhood. And in Gabs, that isn’t abnormal, but Durban is a different story. I really do believe that people have the desire for change – don’t get me wrong change is upon us, but after years of race being the defining factor in a country, change will come slowly.

Me and Ags on New Years Eve

A guy came up to myself and Agatha and said something to the effect of  “a great example of the rainbow nation!”.  People seemed really pleased that we were there and I felt like we were representative of something bigger than ourselves – race does not define us. It does not tell us whether we will be rich or poor, whether we are educated or simple, whether we deserve to be treated higher or lower in society. I love that one moment Agatha and I were an example of what South Africa – the Rainbow Nation really ought to be.

Though, I didn’t have the heart to tell him that Agatha is American, I am Canadian and we both live in Botswana. Minor details, really.


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