Meet Senor Kitty

So I was given a cat. Please stop laughing. I know, I know. But he is actually kind of cute, and well, I can’t give him back now can I?

Before I even had the chance to name him, he followed me one morning to my electric gate, and I watched in horror as it was closing and he reached down to the moving wheel. His leg was munched – a large flesh wound. I have never heard such a terrible sound as the kitty was screeching in pain.

Needless to say, I wasn’t sure what to do, but I went to work, and as I started crying (poor little kitten), to Jess and Alysa, I realized that I had come to love the little mongrel.

There is a very long story to the woes of the kitten, but we decided to take him to the vet (we being David, who after trying to change the bandage and noticing that it was on the verge of infection, and clearly we were not prepared for that large of a flesh wound…

On his second trip to the vet...

and I was no help at all – I was a wreck, crying with the kitten, and almost passing out when I helped to hold him down – between the smell, seeing the little kitten’s muscle and flesh bits, and his screeches – just thinking of it makes my stomach turn.)


So Stephanie and I spent the last two weeks taking the kitten to the vet every few days.

the last bandage

 A few things I have learned about myself:

-that under no circumstances should I become a nurse.

-that I fear this is the first step towards spinsterhood…. It all starts with one kitty, and all of sudden I am the crazy cat lady with 20 cats and a collection of porcelain dolls.

 Oh, and by the way, his name is Tobias. You can call him Toby.


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