Laundering Ankle Deep

It was an exciting event yesterday – Levi fixed my washing machine. A real washing machine all my own! Oh what joy!  Laundering clothes mid-week after work makes me happy. The problem? Well, let’s see apparently this newly refurbished machine requires a bit of prompting to go through the cycles. So I did that. No problem at all. And it clearly states do not open the door until the red light shuts off. Duly noted.

I was excited then when I noticed the light was no longer on. My first load complete! I hastily opened the door… and litres of water came pouring out.

 If you have known me for any length of time you will realize that my first reaction is never to stop the situation as would be natural. Instead, my initial reaction to these kinds of events (and yes there have been many) is to ogle in disbelief, seemingly wishing the situation away.

Finally, I tried to close the door, but the force of the water had thrown a towel forward blocking the mechanism.  I was able to, at last, push the towel back into the tub (creating even more water to slosh out) and slammed the door shut. One crisis averted!

And as I moved away I sloshed in the puddles around me and that’s when I noticed I was standing in inches of water. I grabbed all the towels (so two – I am living meagrely – what can I say?) and when those completely failed, I almost started to call the brigade. But no, I had to think, I could handle this situation on my own…how to get the water out? It’s not like this is a North American moment where you could just mop the water into the smartly placed drain. Oh no, this was going to be far more complicated.

 My solution: I used a traditional African broom with a dust pan to scoop the water into a basin. Half an hour later and a few slips on the tiled floor all was right again. And by eight o’clock I had the washing finally done, soaking wet slightly off smelling towels hanging on the line, and a freshly mopped floor!



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