Naked Intercession

My first experience at the church in Otse was chaotic, sure. But there was something about the energy in the room. People were wandering around praying fervently – some shouting, some clapping, some laying prostrate on the floor and some weeping. The Holy Spirit was present, and as I eased down into my chair and opened my Bible I knew that although it was not what I am used to, I could still be a part of the intercession.

I started meditating on the scriptures; I was prompted to praise God for His attributes – His Holiness, His promise keeping, His love – the list goes on. And it was good to be able to speak aloud, talking to God in a real way – personally and in community. There was an ebb and flow – if we all got quiet someone would start singing and we all joined in together. What a way to glorify the Father.

By the end of the two weeks I was still my conservative self – but more open, more honest with God. The moruti (pastor) made a comment that prayer is being naked before God, where we come bearing our souls to the Father – that is true worship.

As I write this I realize it sounds “out-there” – but it wasn’t. This was a very conservative church in many ways, but when it came to worship – in prayer and singing – all of their being was involved. Self-consciousness played no part. These acts of worship weren’t just with their lips but their entire body.

I loved every part of it.

The new church site - to be called Church on a Hill

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