The Village Life

I was staying in a village for two weeks, experiencing Batswana culture. And now that I am back to civilization, I was quite excited to flick my lights on and off, and on and off. I relished the cool breeze as I opened the refrigerator and was so happy to see the steam rising not from a bucket but from my shower head. Yes, it is good to be back.

But – I can’t believe I am going to write this – I am a little bit saddened too. I learned so much and well, life might be a bit more challenging living without electricity and without the comforts of home, but challenges are what make us stronger and better people. Or maybe that’s just the fumes from the paraffin lamps and mosquito coils getting to me.

As I wasn’t (for obvious reasons), able to update this blog during my stay in the village, I will be updating from my journal for quite a few of the next posts.

It was a time of new experiences, frustration, lots of laughter, tears, joy and realizing through it all that God is faithful – I am changed and I hope from reading in the next few weeks you will be too.

this is what 14 days in a village will do to a girl

in case you have forgotten what I look like


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