Long Weekend Adventures

not totally related, but I could tell you wanted to see a pic of me and Stephanie. I'm like a mind-reader

not totally related, but I could tell you wanted to see a pic of me and Stephanie. I'm like a mind-reader...

It was election day on Friday – and no I didn’t vote. The President decided that we all should get a day off for the elections to encourage people to vote – personally I think it encouraged people to get really drunk (and apparently listen to really loud reggae music, mixed in with an impromptu “Killing Me Softly” or so I heard at all hours of the night) but I’m no President so what do I know?

After work on Thursday I walked to the grocery store. Might have been a mistake… there were convoys of all the Parties, shouting from the back of buckies trying to make everyone vote for them. It is incredible to me how passionate people are here about politics or maybe it’s just for the free t-shirt. Thankfully the people of Botswana are not prone to violence, so praise God no one was killed.

I experienced two things this past weekend that made me a little uncomfortable. In Gabs there are a lot of white people of that I am sure, but the places I go, for the most part I am one of a few. Friday, election day, we went to the Lion’s Park. Sounds impressive, right? Well it was a kiddie waterpark/amusement park on the outskirt of Gabs. Firstly, I wish I had taken a picture – it was really hilarious. Secondly, it was almost eerie to be around so many white people. I almost didn’t know what to do and then we saw lots of Asians – I felt right at home!

After church we went to the yacht club. Yes, there is a yacht club in the middle of a desert in a landlocked country – I couldn’t believe it either. No yachts to be had, but plenty of white people drinking fancy beer on the edge of the reservoir. It was actually really lovely (the view, no beer for this girl). Renae and I walked down to the edge and dipped our toes into the water – while the boys were on crocodile watch. It felt lovely to have a weekend of relaxing adventures, but it will be a far cry to what I will experience when I live in the village for the rest of October.

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