This is what passion looks like…

Before coming to Botswana I had read the book 28 Stories of AIDS in Africa, by Stephanie Nolen and was deeply touched by accounts of people dealing with the AIDS crisis in Africa. Read it – you will be changed.

And then just now I was talking with one my coworkers, Mercy Leshomo. She mentioned that her sister, Cynthia, was one of those stories, and is best known for her title of Miss HIV Positive, a beauty pageant held here in Botswana. Cynthia was committed to removing the stigma of HIV/AIDS; read some of her story here. Mercy has dedicated her life to working with those affected and infected by HIV/AIDS in her sister’s memory.

It is incredible to be around women who are so like-minded and who’s passion and drive for their work is a constant reminder of how Christ would respond. It is a passion that doesn’t just come their experiences but from the Living God.

Today, when life seemed very stressful, I got a glimpse at what this work is about. It is bigger than myself, and my tiny frustrations. What a great reminder, if not a blow to the ego.

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