My First Thanksgiving in Africa

I have been 24 for one month already – feel free to send presents. It seems so long ago that I was in Canada, having my farewell/birthday parties. And although it has been less than one month that I have been living here, I am amazed at how close I feel to people. Friendships get formed fast – after all, we’re all in the same boat.

 This morning as I got up sluggishly (I feasted on a Canadian Thanksgiving meal the evening before) – it makes me realize that although on one hand it feels like I have been here for years, my life could not feel any more foreign. Those differences were on my mind as I stumbled into the kitchen to find a cockroach (praise the Lord it was only one), and what I hope is a friendly spider (which has been living in my kitchen for weeks). And as I walked outside realizing that today, my first Thanksgiving in Africa, was going to be a scorcher (well over 30 degrees) it makes me long for snow (okay, that’s not true, but maybe a crisp fall day at least?). So I decided it was high time for some Canadiana –

you’re welcome.

And because everyone always says they are thankful for their friends and family at Thanksgiving (which yes, yes I really really am, you guys are so important to me but I’d hate to get too sentimental here – I’ll save that for the Thank you Cards), I have decided to compile a list of the small things I am thankful for: my comfy Birkenstocks (yes, I am still that cool), my hair straightener (my bangs are very happy now), that I love eating apples and peanut butter for dinner (cuts down on dishes too!), hilarious conversations, rain at night and antibacterial hand gel.

What are you thankful for?


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