Crazy white people

Sometimes it is strange being white here. White people don’t ride the convis or walk on the side of the roads. It’s assumed that all white people are rich but alas, I am not. And so I get stared at a lot, but people are really friendly so it doesn’t feel rude or scary. I think they stare in shock and ask: is that white girl lost? Did she lose her car?

For some reason I also get gawked at in the grocery store. I asked Stephanie, and she remembers being looked at in the grocery stores in the beginning. She said either you get used to it or they stop staring. Personally, I think you just stop noticing, or what, they stop staring when your tan is dark enough? And what about the sad people (ahem, Sylvia) who can’t get tanned? Will the staring ever end? The horror!

 As we were discussing this phenomenon, I thought back to my last grocery shop. I was looking for rice, and at this particular store, Supa Save – side note: is that name not hilarious? Makes me laugh every time, say it aloud and you will surely laugh too…

 I digress… I could only find pasta and maize. At this point I am not even trying to cook maize. So with sadness I grabbed some macaronis. I turned the corner and there to my delight was rice – lots of it! I did a little squeal and clapped my hands.

 Seriously. I did that.

 And I wonder why people stared at me.

 Crazy white people.

One comment

  1. Sheila

    I went to the grocery store during my lunch yesterday and a group of school girls were behind me giggling. One came up to me touched my arm and said “hello”, and then scurried back to the group, giggling the entire time. I smiled and waved to the entire group, and they erupted into laughter. I give amusement to children everyone now.

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