I don’t need no man

This morning there was a lizard in my bathroom. Honestly, the first thought that came to mind was – I could really use a man. Here’s the problem. Sure, I could leave the lizard… nope, never mind, not even an option. I closed the door and grabbed a bucket and a broom, and opened the front door hoping that I could just sweep the offending creature into the bucket and carry it out.

When I was faced with the lizard I realized he can climb up walls – he could surely climb out of my bucket, and onto my person. So I simply swept the lizard one stroke at a time out the door… praying that I would not crush it with my broom.

I didn’t kill it (thankfully) and I swept it right towards Lola, my friendly watchdog. I closed the door, leaving the lizard and Lola to stare at each other.

See – independence is not so hard – lizards, spiders and cockroaches are no match for me! And the only man I need? The One I can pray to when I am freaking out over the silly things and the big things… it is He who can handle anything.



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