The Waiting Room

I had a fabulous time with the best girlfriends last night trying on jewlery and eating great food (why is mom’s baking always better?). Community and support is such a blessing to me, especially when I am feeling very much in limbo.

Limbo: waiting for this whole process to be complete; to get my ticket and my date to leave and to start on this journey, has been a real struggle for me.

At the end of the night I had a great talk with Sheri. She spoke of when Jesus heard that Lazurus was dying He lingered – even though everyone was telling Jesus He had to hurry. He lingered to the point that Lazurus died and was dead for so long that in the Jewish culture they would consider his spirit to be completely gone.

How many times in this process have I wanted to yell at God and get Him to hurry up, HELLO,  I AM WAITING HERE!

But Jesus lingered so that when He raised Lazurus from the dead there was no other explanation but God. Humanly, it was impossible but only in His timing did His miraculous power make it happen. 

Then Sheri made this daunting remark: this experience will be the first of many.

I have been listening to Shane and Shane, in particular an album called Psalms.  Praising God while waiting… a concept I am learning (albeit very slowly).

I guess, it comes down to knowing that when we rely and trust and simply wait on Him… He will do things that are amazing – I mean really, raising Lazurus from the dead! How much greater can you get? I love that part of God’s character. Sure, it might seem like procrastination is a godly trait (another Sheri-ism), but if I am able to wait on Him expectantly I will be blown away by what He will do.  


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