Jesus and the new cheese bracket

I was reminded of a Corner Gas episode (yes, of course I watched Corner Gas – it would be sacrilege being from Saskatchewan to not watch – at least the first few seasons before I got bored….). Anyways, basically, the idea of the episode was this: you buy just regular cheddar cheese from the supermarket but then someone says you have to try this apple smoked cheddar – just once. The problem is it will never be just once, that great cheese experience has now put you into a new cheese bracket. You can’t go back that rubbery nonsense they try to pass of as cheese – you have experienced what cheese should be. And you want more! Gouda, Havarti – the smellier the better!

This happened to me with just about every cosmetic – I was fine with my cheap lotions and face washes  until I experienced the joys of beauty boutiques and salon shampoos. The smells, the beautiful packaging, the model-esq sales clerks – oh, what joy!

Sadly, I have to step down into my old bracket and am weaning myself back to the cheaper things in life. Sure, my hair kind of feels like straw – but before I had the salon shampoo I was satisfied with straw like hair, I didn’t know any different. And soon, the joys of shiny hair and product other women are jealous of, will be a forgotten memory.

Chrissy told me that she hopes this experience will ruin my relationship with God. Yep, she had to explain it to me too… it’s the idea that I would be disatisfied with how I view God now, and that during these two years I will be taken into a new “God bracket” . That I would never be satisfied with not expecting Him to do amazing and miraculous things.

I love that concept but it scares me to no end. 

Jesus is my Gouda.


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