Only $20,000

Months ago I don’t think I would have written that statement “only $20,000″. That’s how much I made last year – ALL year. Oh, how things start to change once I start trusting and living an extreme life – health benefits? who needs ’em!

As I stare at my account with SIM and start to add up all of the donations that people told me they are giving (all those years of admin work mean these calculations are on sick looking spreadsheets ) I can almost taste the finish line – forgive the mixed metaphor. $70,000 seemed like an insurmountable amount at the beginning but I am realizing that God is good and He will do what He has said He will do. It is pretty fantastic and a little bit scary.

The scary is starting to understand how God works, and how this last bit seems crazy big – $20,000 is stopping me from booking that ticket and making this really happen.

Fundraising is a tricky thing – one I definitely haven’t mastered. It is pretty incredible how people have given more than I ever imagined (you know who you are – pat yourselves on the back.). The unexpected – I am realizing quickly that’s how God works. That box I had Him in – it’s being shattered.

I can’t wait to see how great those final Thank You cards are going to look (glittery stickers anyone?). And how surreal this will feel when I send them right before I leave. It will be the start of something amazing. Of that I am sure.

What a journey this has been already, and this two years hasn’t even begun. Cue the Holy Spirit noise.


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