Where can I turn?

What a week it has been…

my sister, two weeks before her due date, got evacuated from their home because of forest fires,

close friends learned their unborn child might have down syndrome and

my best friend from school, well, her brother just passed away.

Sometimes I just want to shake my first towards the heavens and yell ‘WHY’; right now it’s so hard to pray, so I am offering up my heavy heart to the Father. He knows what I mean.

It starts me thinking about the Christian life. Christ-followers have not been called to a state of “happy go lucky circumstances” like a party cruise bound for heaven. Life will be rough and we will face trials.

These things will be much harder to bear when I am away in Africa, knowing that I am not just a province away but a whole ocean. The weight of my decision to be away from family for two years starts to come crashing down.

Where can I turn?

to you Father. And currently to a grande frappuccino – thankfully I am still in Canada to enjoy one (oh, the patron saint of coffee: St. Arbucks).


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