Mourning my legs…

It’s silly I know, but I love my legs. And the thought of not showing them off for two years saddens me more than I should admit. Sure, in the winter they are encassed in jeans, but I knew that come summer, they would be free and tanned once again.

Truly, I know this won’t be my hardest sacrifice of living in Botswana – but it starts me thinking… what else will I have to give up? And sadly at this stage (two months until I leave)  I can only think of little things – but even they seem insurmountable.  

For example: I was looking at some pre-field information yesterday – three people said they missed chocolate chips. Wait – what? No chocolate chips means no chocoalte chip COOKIES, right?!? Okay, breathe. Deep breaths, Sheila.  

So after a fitfill sleep the only solution I can come up with is this: my new favorite cookies will have to be peanut butter or sugar cookies or heck, even oatmeal raisin. Okay, one crisis averted.

So back to my legs (yep, can’t stop talking about them)… Jenna, a lovely friend, was saying that we as a small group should make t-shirts that say

“this bod’s for God”

So totally hilarious but in all serious that’s the goal, no? My whole life, even my legs are to His glory (yes, I seriously just said that). It’s putting things into perspective – sure, I am sacrificing temporal things but for eternal gain. I am taking this step in faith, and no matter what, I am confident that He will make this an adventure I won’t soon forget – to His glory!

And with that thought I will pack my long skirts and capris with pleasure

…and if one pair of shorts shorts “accidently” happens to be in my luggage well then I guess it’s a sign from God that I will have to go to the coast at Christmas.


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